Wireless network setup or wifi is a way to network computers in your office or home without wires rather than using the traditional hard-wire networking. This type of networking has grown in popularity. The computers use radio signals to connect to a central hub where they can then share an internet connection network.

Wireless Hubs

Wireless hubs come in 3 speeds (data transfer rates). The designation on the model type will indicate the speed at which the wireless connections work. Generally the speeds are:

802.11a or b = 11 Mbps (Mega bits per second)
802.11g = 56 Mbps
Enhanced G = 108 Mbps*

* Enhanced G goes under different names under each company. For example, Netgear has “Super G Wireless” while D-Link has “Super G with MIMO”. You need to make sure that your router and network cards match in the technology that they use in order to be able to use the higher speeds. Most of the routers don’t have a true 108 Mbps rate, but more realistically between 60 and 90 Mbps.

Equipment Cost

The equipment cost for a wireless network setup has dropped in price making this option for networking very reasonable. You can connect all of your computers and most printers or 3-in-one printers (print/scan/fax) through wireless network adapters.

Wireless for Laptops

Many laptops come with a wireless card built in. With older laptops or PCs it’s easy to set them up with a wireless card. In addition to the wireless card, you need to install drivers and a router. Your network can be secure or open for use. An open network is used in some restaurants, hotels, libraries, etc. for patrons to use. Most homes and offices prefer a secure connection so the casual user cannot access any of their files.

Wireless Setup

Setting up the equipment for a wireless network is fairly easy with the included instructions. In most cases you will need some more advanced computer skills in order to set up the network in your computer software and set up security.

For further information or assistance on installing a wireless network setup, you can call ROZtech Computer Services.

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