DSL internet service is becoming more common as a way to connect to the internet. Many of you are getting away from dial-up or cable. Either way, you probably need to set up the DSL connection yourself.

What is DSL?

DSL is a high-speed internet connection which uses your existing phone lines to work. It does not interrupt your existing phone service. DSL is a high-speed digital signal that’s about the same speed as cable access. You can have service through your modem anywhere there is a phone jack. When you orderDSL internet service they send everything to you in a box with directions.

A modem and phone filters will be sent to you along with instructions. The DSL provider will also inform you when they have switched the DSL onto your phone line.

Set Up

First, you need to place the filters between each phone and/or phone base and the wall unit. The filter is a plug that snaps right into the phone jack. The telephone is then plugged into the end of the filter.

Next, you plug the DSL modem into another phone jack without a filter on it. If you’re using USB to connect the modem to your computer, place the provided disk into your disk drive but don’t load any software that comes up, just cancel for the time being. Next plug the USB into your computer. Your Windows will recognize a new device and load the drivers from the disk.

In most cases you will be connected to the internet. Windows may pop up the “Network Connection Wizard”. You can step through this to help complete the connection. With some DSL providers, you must program in a fixed IP address. That will be in the instructions. You may have to call the DSL provider to have them step you through the process.

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