Computer Networking

Have you thought about networking your computers together? Computer networking will improve your productivity and efficiency by leaps and bounds. Companies or homes that have more than one computer should consider doing this. Once you’re networked, you can share files, printers, internet connections and even send and receive email to each other.

Magic Lynx Computer Services can set up your network and give you the free time needed to complete other important tasks. You will even be able to have an internet connection with your laptop in one room and others can continue to use the internet in another room.
There are two types of networking:

  • Hardwire
  • Wireless

Hard-wire Networking
Hard-Wire networking is used to connect computers, printers and other hardware together using wires through modems and switches. This is a very secure type of network, but limits the placement of computers and other hardware to locations where the wires end.

Wireless Networking
Wireless networking is best for connecting computers and/or laptops anywhere in your office or home. You can take your laptop to another room or perhaps outdoors on a nice day. Advances in digital coding help make wireless very secure for most people. You can share files, printers, internet access and more.

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Ramon Corley is CEO and co-founder of Magic Lynx, a computer repair company that specializes in on-site and online service for homes and businesses.

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